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Some Things For Families To Do

  • Encourage treatment and getting help.

  • Offer to become involved in the treatment process.

  • Attend a family support group ... for you.

  • Keep all reasonable options open for discussion.

  • Set rules & limits for your home. Stick to them.

  • Be realistic in your expectations of self & others. Patience helps.

  • Actively pursue your own healthy outlets & activities.

  • Become educated on the potential benefits of methadone treatment, as well as risks.

  • Do provide assistance (within reason), especially when it is directly connected to a treatment solution.

  • Offer acknowledgment for genuine efforts made toward treatment & recovery.

We are committed to the values of family and community support and are always willing to speak with individuals or groups to eliminate stigma. We provide educational information but never discuss patient specific care with out a full informed consent from the patient. Please respect this confidentiality when calling our facilities. If you are told that "We can not confirm or deny an individuals enrollment with our facility." understand that it is not done to be secretive or disrespectful. It is done in the interest of client centered best practice, something you should want for those you care about.

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